“We started from a simple idea of bringing a taste of Guam to the culinary forefront.”


Para Hita’s island style sauces are available for order online!

We Got The Sauce!

Enjoy a set pack of Para Hita’s Guam Inspired Honey Fina’denne and Sweet Chili BBQ Sauce!

Keep it Island with Para Hita’s Guam inspired Honey Fina’denne’ Sauce! Rich with flavor with no added sugar. Use Gluten-Free Fina’denne’ Hot Sauce to make fried rice, marinade, stir fry veggies, a spicy soy salad dressing, or just use it at its Best. Wing sauce. Ever.

The Sweet Chili BBQ sauce combines sweet & spicy flavors to create a unique flavor profile that blends well with the char from roasting and umami from seasoning. Combined with soy and garlic, this sauce is packed with tremendous flavor. If you love BBQ flavors, this is it chief. This perfected sauce has NO Sodium or Fat!

parahita sauce pack


Para Hita offers in store island-style products such as BBQ Wings, Chicken Tenders, and the sought offer fluffy sweet potato doughnuts! All Guam-inspired!

Sweet Chili Chicken Tenders

chicken tenders are tossed in our in-house made sweet chili sauce!

Honey Fina'denne' Chicken Tenders

Gluten-free soy sauce infused with honey and heat!

Fluffy Guamanian Doughnuts

Cinnamon sugared Sweet Potato Doughnuts are made to be light, fluffy, most-air pillows!

Para Hita Red Rice

Seasoned with Annatto and Herbs, Para Hita Red Rice is a staple at every celebration on Guam

parahita red rice
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Parahita owner

Para Hita is a veteran owned company that specializes in modern Guam cuisine, hot sauce, and snacks that reflect the traditional culinary culture of Guam.

The inspiration for Para Hita comes from founder Manny’s time serving in the military. He became homesick and started to cook the same dishes he had grown up eating in Guam.

Now Para Hita provides convenient, delicious, Guam-inspired cuisine!

Para Hita in Action

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“There’s just a dozen doughnuts for sale each day, and they’re reportedly selling out regularly.”

“Chef Manny’s mission is to make Guam cuisine more recognizable and he is doing just that.”
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